🌸Why GLYCATION Is Bad For Your Skin🌸

🌸Sugar causes inflammation
Digested sugar permanently attaches to collagen in your skin, a process known as GLYCATION.

🌸Foods highest in Glycation include meat (especially red meat), some cheeses, fried eggs, butter, cream, margarine, mayonnaise, some oils and nuts.

🌸Fried foods and highly processed products also contain high levels of Glycation

🌸To reverse damage causes by Glycation eat a mainly plant based diet
🌸Eat many vegetables and little or NO processed foods.
🌸Protect skin from UV radiation EVERY DAY whatever the weather
🌸Use Retinol, AHA’s and topical Vitamin C
🌸 Supplement with antioxidants & Vitamin C

🌸PLASMA FIBROBLAST Skin Tightening will reduce wrinkles tighten loose skin….reducing GLYCATION

PM 07939159708
E-mail: carrie@advanced-skin-treatments.com

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