Red Vein, Skin Tag, Milia and Skin Lesion Removal

Red Veins, Skin Tags, Milia and Skin Lesions

Advanced skin procedures use RF Thermolysis and diathermy to remove skin blemishes such as red veins, skin tags, milia and many skin lesions. These skin imperfections can be caused by a variety of reasons: hormones, sun damage, smoking, alcohol, extremes of temperature, friction etc.

CCR Exhibition Olympia London          paul before          Paul after

skin tag eye            Sofia before & After

red veins before           red veins after           angioma eye

  • What happens during the treatment

A tiny probe is used to send a burst of radio frequency and diathermy energy (heat) into or onto the blemish depending on the procedure. This results in cauterisation or coagulation of the blemish producing long lasting, effective results.

  • How many treatments will I require

Usually a single treatment is all that is necessary, although skin must not be over-treated and sensitivity and size of area has to be taken into account. I will advise you of this, a treatment plan may be required.

  • Does the treatment hurt

Each procedure is different and individual people have a different pain threshold. A slight stinging sensation is commonly experienced but this is short lived. A numbing cream may be used in some cases but will add to the treatment time.