Carrie Sumner, Advanced Treatments

Jessica Camps:

October 28, 2018

Professional and friendly service. Had some skin peels that felt amazing after! My skin felt really smooth. Thank you

Kara Ball:

March 8

I visited Carrie for a course of 3 skin needling facials in the run up to my big birthday. I’m so pleased with the results, my skin has completely transformed. Amazing results.

Ann-Marie Webb:

March 28

Carrie is very professional and excellent results. 100% recommend. Amazing results.

Sue Nolan:

May 5

Carrie is very professional but at the same time puts you totally at ease . I am thrilled with the results of my treatment & the aftercare I have received. Experienced skin care professionals · Beautiful results.

Hayley Clark:

May 11

I am over the moon with my results from The Plasma skin tightening under the eye. Carrie is very professional and i would definitely recommend!!! Amazing results.

Robert John Haynes:

June 15

What can I say Carrie thank you so much for what you did for me I highly recommend this lady.

Louise Butler:

August 14

Lovely friendly lady. Would highly recommend. Free consultation · Experienced skin care professionals · Licensed skin care professional.

Une Erin Nikqi:

September 3

Very nice lady, professional and more important great results will be coming back.

Sarah Emerton:

September 3

Really happy with my treatment, Carrie was very professional and friendly, Great service. Amazing results · Beautiful results · Licensed skin care professional · Professional products · Experienced skin care professional.

Virginia Weir:

September 6 at 6:08 PM

I have seen Carrie twice now and she is so professional and great at her job, with amazing results, I would definitely be going back xx Beautiful results · Experienced skin care professionals · Great deals · Amazing results.

Sofia Elena Ferrito:

September 25 at 12:48 PM

I messaged Carrie about the removal of a mole which made me incredibly uncomfortable every day. I booked an appointment by messaging Carrie on Facebook (she is very attentive). when I arrived for my appointment I instantly felt less stressed as Carrie is such a sweet and friendly individual that knows what she’s doing. I was so afraid about not having the best results or being worse off than when I went in to see her but actually the procedure was easy for us both, very little pain considering what you’re having done and instantly amazing results. Carrie has been checking up on me and I have shown and told her how much she has changed my life for the better since procedure. Thank you Carrie 🙏🏼 xx